the Goodluck of Right Now

Faith to God

Masaoy,Mary lyca antoneth G.


Bartholomews thinks that he is failure but the truth is,he is not. our society determine that we are failure if we can’t do anything about the problems, that we can’t solve. this does not measure if we’ll do something good for others. At the beginning of the novel about the lost of his mother. their fears does not misplaced because we are only human that hurts,he only loves very much his mother.

Bartholomew tell us that his mother”could make small things, seem meraculous because all mother love their children very much and our mother will do everything just for us. So small things in our own life feel moment because every moment. We enjoy with our parents are memorable.Bartholomews decide to write to Richard Gere believing that the actor can help him. For me if I need a help the corespond ” for me is my best friend that will understand me in so many ways.  Yes, I believe in fate, that God has plan for each of us. He is just, loving and knows all what’s good for us. He always pretend , pretending what matter was so that it can be easy for him to accept the hurt aches if he will pretend, to cover up his emotions and problems. The sorrows that he felt was emotionally for his mother. Her ability seems so good because his mother raise him so well . Any one of us if there’s someone guides us for the better we’ll be good in our life.Father Mcnanes and Bartholomews has good relationship , and he offer that he must take a theraphy. It’s so good to be check up by a doctor or a theraphies.

He learn from his mother that love can wait , can understand and have fate to others but mostly to our God. He learn that the hardship, we encounter, will comes true someday. Bartholomews reality has open minded and all of us have our own reality in our life around us.  In theraphies room Bartholomews meet Mat and his sister Elizabeth the Librarian They help one another, by helping Max and Elizabeth to stay in his house. Bartholomews view point is good for every body, to have fate to others.  They have focus too much the negative so, they overtook the positive. We can help ourself to see beyond the bad to work much more and be confidence on what we can do something good to others.  The Good Luck of Right Now . We must have fate in God . We must tell the truth always so that others will have confident on us. Being industrious whatever we do, to have a better living.






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