The good luck of right now


Marjorie Joyzz N. Mañacap



Do you think Bartholomew’s a failure? Is he? For me no he is not a failure. But what do you think how society determine success or failure in life? Our society measures ones life failure is when you failed to be successful in life. To graduate, have stable job, and have happy family. Bartholomew is not different he just isolate his self to others because of his situation. The pretending to his mom that he is Richard Gere.
All of the relatives of Bartholomew thinks he will get crazy because his mom died. Their fears got worse because he’s acting like he’s going to get crazy. Bartholomew still can’t focus on what he is doing. He still cannot bring his old life back. According to Bartholomew his mom could make small things seem miraculous. I agree with that because his mom had a brain tumour but her mom was still fighting. And in the story his mom thought that he is Richard Gere. Looks like his mom is hallucinating that her son is Richard. That’s why Bartholomew feel that he can’t live a normal life. We could make small things momentous by just cherishing the every little small things happenings in our life. Bartholomew decided to write Richard Gere because he wants Richard Gere to know what happened about her life when his mom hallucinate about him and Richard. He wants Richard to know what struggles he had been through. All the pain that he suffers. He just wanted to share it to Richard. If I needed help I will correspond to my mom and to God. Because every problem has a solution if you’re with God. I believe that thing happens in real life. Because if we get older we imagine things that is impossible to happen. We used to believe on that. I believe that God has always a plan for us he will never give us problems if we can’t handle it. His own journey affects him badly but I think it was a good experience for him because he help his mom to fight against her disease. Bartholomew pretends that he was Richard Gere because his mom thought that he was Richard. For Bartholomew pretending is not easy. He cannot live on her own life, he can’t have his own family, his cannot find job, for him his life wasn’t normal anymore when the pretending happens in his life. Pretending is really a hard thing to do. You act like you love it but you’re really not. It gives us emotional sadness because you cannot show what you really feel. If you’re sad you should act like your happy because that’s what your mother wants. Its doesn’t mean that we’re running away from our problems, sometimes it means a lot because we’re doing that for someone we love. As for Wendy, Bartholomew is emotionally disturbed from having lives in a co-dependent relation. I agree on that because he can’t bring back his old life when his mother is not dead. He is still distracted he can’t focus on her life. Bartholomew’s mom really raised him well he become a good man. I don’t think . That she hold him back. Bartholomew’s life just got crazy when his mother got a disease. Bartholomew’s relationship with father McNamee is very okay. They are very very close. Father McNmaee leave church because he want’s to love with Bartholomew. He learn about how life has been so miraculous. The good luck of right now is a very good story.


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