Truly Matters

Mabunga, Reginna Mariz


When his mother alive he thinks of the moments together that they shared the thoughts on his mother’s doing. But his mother died, there fears are misplaced that time. Bartholomew has already move on of what’s happen. Bartholomew reflect his side of Richard Gere to show to everyone, he ask an help to others but some are not correspond because of he’s doing not good. He needs to have wait of what god’s plan for him by giving a sign of each time. Her mother alive before but he is still pretend that everything was okay that he handle all the problems he act like normal a innocent person, he just keep himself that he is truly concern of her mother. But not all the time he need to pretend he need to be real of his self. Mother og bartholomew believe that computers redemned by the book of revelations. And Father McNamee didn’t agree but they let his mother believe in that. Father McNamee and bartholomew are so very close than of his mother. Batholomew learn that if there are special people in his life he need to respect and love until there alive, he want to forget of what happen of her mother but suddenly he remember her mother he show the real emotion. Reality is based on our actions in our life it is the result of every action of ours. I think I’ll answer this with reality is facing what we have right now. It may may vary if we want to change it by knowing your actions on how it to become better. Yes because Reality is Tricky it is based in the situation we are so of course it may change but we can help in changing it. We tend to think negative because of the Tendency that we fail on something we think ahead but instead of positive we think negative because it’s danger there are no possible The first step to overcoming negative thinking isn’t to ‘just be positive’ all of a sudden, but to look for shades of grey. Say you’ve been worrying about a relationship. Rather than thinking: “It’s going to be a disaster, I just know it is” or even “It’s going to be perfect!”, how about: “I expect there will be great bits, good bits, and not so good bits, like any relationship.” The Goodluck of right now is all about family friendship and also acceptance that we need to apply to ourself.


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