The Mokingjay


Masaoy,Mary lyca antoneth G,
abm 11

The greatest challenge for katnis when she come back to the ruin house is how she will get the justice for the people who was kill by capitol. she keep repeating about herself because it is her way to pursue for self to do what she need to do and also motivation. she get butter cup because her sister request to get her cat. buttercup is a cat of prim ever seen. She was totally shock because she think there is no survivor in district 13 cause capitol bom it. The things that influences her decision to become a mocking jay is the people around her. Katnis ask for the conditions because she think first that district 13 was using popularity. Katnis was disgust to the attitude of president alma coin. They distrust each other because it is the first time they met each other. Coin trash the conditions of katnis cause she think it is too risky. They have different reaction because katniss was so sad and gale was no reaction. katniss react that way because she know those person whilegale is not familiar. Pre-team was the protectors of the film team was basically thay take video for district 13 propaganda. katniss make sure that she always capture the attention of the people of panem. Haymitch said that cause she think that she was weak and no power stand her side. Basically it is kind of medium to express thoughts and transfer information. In panem they use television show to show there propaganda and agendas. Plutarch cover up katniss and gale in subornation because he think it will not help to there plans. The affect to people of panem was a mass revolution and to fight for there liberty. The hanging tree has relevant in the story because in America the hanging tree was a song for revolution and sacrifices. In the movie the hanging tree was played 3 times. The change in relationship between katniss and gale was typical because katniss was only had a crush on gale but not inlove. In the first book of prim was afraid but in the third book her character was change because she was volunteer to help in assisting the victim of the capitol and it is not easy for a child that lies in revolutionary country. Revels decide to rescue peeta because it is include in katniss demands. The hijacking was so unique because it is not normal to hear and to know the process and peeta was has a strong feeling to kill katniss. The pearl she keep was the symbol of peetas love for katniss. Petta get it to katniss when they were in the quarter quell.


It is justified. katniss have a hard time to accept gales idea because she think it is dangerous. The text said that she was tire to be a slave by the people who manifulate and put there life in game. The advantages in having peeta in katniss squad is he can help because peeta is a strong man and the disadvantages in having peeta in katniss squad is any time peeta can do messy thing because he was an influence of tracker jacker venom. Its is a revel because not all people in plaza was involve in the battle. Im so sad because most of the people in plaza was a children and they are innocent. To confront president snow and to know the truth about the boming in plaza if it is his order.snow tell the truth. katniss vote to have another hunger games to justify the death of her sister. She sense a sabotation between the alliance. Katniss assinate coin to get revenge of death of her sister. Katniss escaped after she assinate coin in the way two security official and she force to go some room. I think katniss choose peeta rather than gale because peeta was more matured to handle a relationship and katniss that she love peeta.


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