The Penderwicks


Mabunga Reginna Mariz


The Penderwicks, a family of six, four sisters, their father, and their dog, the mother died when the youngest was born.They get lost on the way to Arundel but find it and their rental cottage with the help of Harry the Tomato Man and Cagney, the estate gardener. They will be spending the next three weeks. There is a little boy living on the estate with his rich snobby mother, rich snobby mother’s boyfriend, and their cook/housekeeper. The girls make friends with the boy, they go on many adventures, and they help save him from his fate of being shipped off to military school. During these three weeks, the girls encounter amazing things as they go on a journey exploring not only the estate and the magnificent gardens within, but themselves, the people they’re surrounded by and also life itself. After they get to the mansion they meet the gardener, Cagney, who helps them find the cottage. They choose rooms in the bright, cheerful, colorful cottage. Skye groans at the mention of that, since Hound always chooses her last. Jane is chosen first, then Rosalind, then Batty, then finally Skye. As Skye waits downstairs, she thinks her sisters left her a dank and dark closet. When she finally goes upstairs, Skye is so shocked that her sisters had left her the biggest and most beautiful room of all. They meet Cagney, the gardener, Mrs. Tifton, the owner of the estate, and, eventually, her son Jeffrey. Mrs. Tifton intends to send Jeffrey to the military school where his grandfather went, but Jeffrey strongly resents the idea. He wants to go a school where he can study music exclusively, since he has some talent in that area. The Penderwick sisters manage to befriend the timid boy. Mrs. Tifton dislikes the girls, particularly Skye. Mrs. Tifton is dating a publisher named Dexter Dupree. Meanwhile, Rosalind is so impressed with Cagney that she bakes him desserts and buys him books and doesn’t look after Batty or Hound, who gets loose and chases after Cagney’s rabbits. However, he does not harm them. One night, Rosalind unintentionally spies on Cagney and his girlfriend, and has an embarrassing incident when she falls into the pond. Meanwhile, time is running out for Jeffrey. In the end it is Jane who convinces his mother to open up her heart to the wishes of her son. After that, the Penderwicks bid farewell to Cagney and the Tiftons and return home, but after all the trouble they get in to Batty, Jeffery,Skye and Jane, they are still best friends. They trust him and realize how much he has helped out and they have included him in their family traditions which must mean a lot to him. Jeffrey has shown his loyalty to the Penderwicks by helping getting the youngest Penderwick to safety in their time of need. A true friend is always willing to put others before themselves or stick up for others.


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