The Penderwicks


Maaño, Pauline R.

ABM 11

                The Penderwicks’s sisters’ Batty, Rosalind, Jane, and Skye made a vacation at Arundel Hall together with their father. They are being joined into a competition that will lead them to change someone’s life. Jeffrey, the son of the owner of the estate, Mrs. Tifton, has become a friend to them. Jeffrey wants to learn and study music but her mother, Mrs. Tifton, disagree because she wants him to attend military training. Just like Jeffrey’s situation, each of us had this experienced where our parents aren’t in favor on our wants and decisions.

              Garden Club Competition is the most awaited competition in the said estate. Mrs. Tifton really wants to win, on the other hand, she doesn’t really win in this competition but she was absolutely determined that she would bring the bacon home this year. Considering Jane, Skye, and Jeffrey being at the competition also, Mrs. Tifton’s possibility to win is quite low.

              When the competition starts, judges were amazed on what the three kids had shown while Mrs. Tifton was furious and could hardly controlled.

                Later, Jeffrey decided to run away from home because he really wants to pursue his passion for music. The Penderwicks then talked to Jeffrey to settle this. When morning comes, Jeffrey finally has balls to stand up and talk to his mother about what he’s feeling and finally Mrs. Tifton relents.

                 Sometimes it always just took confidence, determination, and courage in order to make something better. It feels so good after confessing something that should really be confessed rather than to let yourself be heated over and over again over the same water.  The ending of the tory is when they would head back to their hometown but promised to make a visit at Arundel Hall again to reunite with the friends they made and bond with.


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