Marjorie Joyzz N. Mañacap


             Kate is Anna’s sibling and is dying because of leukemia. kate needs a kidney and anna is expected to give her one to her sister. but then anna doesn’t want to share any of her things to her sister, not just materialistic things but even to her own sister’s life. Anna’s kidney is needed to expand the life of kate but she refuse to give hers. Instead, she hired Campbell Alexander to be her lawyer because she doesn’t really want to give her kidney to her sister. Well, her father, brian, agreed with her that anna deserves to choose what she want to do and sara, their mother, got mad to brian because of course it is all about the life of your dying child.

              Julia romano was assigned to be anna’s guardian to help her to decide what’s best for her, but then anna really has a stone heart that she doesn’t really want to give her kidney to her sister. She will just wait and look to her dying sister. on the other hand, julia romano and campbell alexander were lovers in college. Campbell told julia why he broke up with her and that is because he has epileptic seizures. Each and every one of them went back to their old lives. Until anna died in a car accident and as anna’s lawyer, campbell was awarded power of attorney and decided that anna’s kidney should go to kate. Kate survived her operation but anna was dead. unfortunately, because of her greediness to her sister, she had to face this kind of consequences. Fitzgerald family was living their happy life with the memory of anna.


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