Mabunga, Reginna Mariz



Kate is only two years old when she is diagnosed with a rare from Leukaemia for a long period of time. Her mother Sara wants do to whatever it takes to save her child. Kate’s health is not improving and Brian and Sara are desperate to help her. As a result of Kate’s decreasing health, Sara and Brian decide that they will have another child with the specific purpose of their new child being compatible for blood and organ transplantation to Kate. When Anna turns 13 and Kate needs a kidney from Anna to continue to live. Sara, is furious at this as she wants Anna to give her kidney to Kate. Anna decides she doesn’t want to help her sister anymore. She get help from an attorney, she is suing her parents for the rights of her own body. She was always using her body to help her sister. She loved her sister and wanted to help her. But she didn’t want her whole life to be about saving Kate.

Campbell is the lawyer Anna has hired to help her with her lawsuit. He didn’t want to help her at first but when he got to know her and her situation he gave it a shot. Campbell is a man who has a big secret but is too ashamed to tell anyone. But when something goes wrong in the courtroom everyone finds out his secret. Anna is sewing her own parents she needs a legal guardian to make decisions for her and to look how Anna is treated at home. This legal guardian is Julia Romano, an former girlfriend from Campbell Alexander. Eventually Anna wins the lawsuit and Campbell is now her guardian, but than something horrible happens and everything changes. Kate died, but she keep more memories with her family.


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