Maaño, Pauline R.


              The Sister’s Keeper’s story revolves around Anna’s point of view and struggle as her mom, Sara, wanted her to transfer her bone marrow to her sister, Kate, who was fighting leukemia. Anna eventually files a lawsuit regarding her mother for medical emancipation. She said that Kate herself told her not to transplant her bone marrow just because. In this scene, Sara’s children Jesse and Anna started to act out because of their single-minded mom towards their sibling, Kate.

It was all about this law case and they were always in court. There were chapters where it was all about the past and there were chapters where it was just how they cope at home and stuff, and every chapter it was from a different person’s perspective. It was from Anna’s perspective, Sara’s, Brian’s and back again.

It’s raining on decision day, and visibility is poor as the various parties make their way to the courthouse. Everyone agrees on one thing: The lawsuit isn’t about a kidney. It’s about Anna’s right to decide what happens to her body. Judge DeSalvo grants Anna’s request for medical emancipation, and Campbell assumes power of attorney for all of Anna’s medical decisions until her 18th birthday. Campbell and Anna leave in the lawyer’s car to complete the necessary paperwork.

Brian is on duty when he is called to the scene of an accident involving a truck and a small BMW. He threads his way through the wreckage. Too late, he realizes the small figure in the front seat is Anna. She’s dead. Campbell is injured but alive. He gives permission for Anna’s organs to be harvested, and Kate receives Anna’s kidney.

Eight years later, Kate is a dance instructor. Her doctor is baffled by her recovery. Jesse becomes a police officer. Campbell and Julia get married. Despite their continued grief, the Fitzgeralds move on with their lives, feeling that Anna is still with them because of all of her contributions to Kate’s life and health.

Even though Anna was gone, her contributions, her shares, her treasure, was all given to her sister, Kate. It was really a good story with such an upsetting ending. Maybe sometimes, something has to end in order for one to survive.


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