Mabunga, Reginna Mariz



Kate is only two years old when she is diagnosed with a rare from Leukaemia for a long period of time. Her mother Sara wants do to whatever it takes to save her child. Kate’s health is not improving and Brian and Sara are desperate to help her. As a result of Kate’s decreasing health, Sara and Brian decide that they will have another child with the specific purpose of their new child being compatible for blood and organ transplantation to Kate. When Anna turns 13 and Kate needs a kidney from Anna to continue to live. Sara, is furious at this as she wants Anna to give her kidney to Kate. Anna decides she doesn’t want to help her sister anymore. She get help from an attorney, she is suing her parents for the rights of her own body. She was always using her body to help her sister. She loved her sister and wanted to help her. But she didn’t want her whole life to be about saving Kate.

Campbell is the lawyer Anna has hired to help her with her lawsuit. He didn’t want to help her at first but when he got to know her and her situation he gave it a shot. Campbell is a man who has a big secret but is too ashamed to tell anyone. But when something goes wrong in the courtroom everyone finds out his secret. Anna is sewing her own parents she needs a legal guardian to make decisions for her and to look how Anna is treated at home. This legal guardian is Julia Romano, an former girlfriend from Campbell Alexander. Eventually Anna wins the lawsuit and Campbell is now her guardian, but than something horrible happens and everything changes. Kate died, but she keep more memories with her family.




Marjorie Joyzz N. Mañacap


             Kate is Anna’s sibling and is dying because of leukemia. kate needs a kidney and anna is expected to give her one to her sister. but then anna doesn’t want to share any of her things to her sister, not just materialistic things but even to her own sister’s life. Anna’s kidney is needed to expand the life of kate but she refuse to give hers. Instead, she hired Campbell Alexander to be her lawyer because she doesn’t really want to give her kidney to her sister. Well, her father, brian, agreed with her that anna deserves to choose what she want to do and sara, their mother, got mad to brian because of course it is all about the life of your dying child.

              Julia romano was assigned to be anna’s guardian to help her to decide what’s best for her, but then anna really has a stone heart that she doesn’t really want to give her kidney to her sister. She will just wait and look to her dying sister. on the other hand, julia romano and campbell alexander were lovers in college. Campbell told julia why he broke up with her and that is because he has epileptic seizures. Each and every one of them went back to their old lives. Until anna died in a car accident and as anna’s lawyer, campbell was awarded power of attorney and decided that anna’s kidney should go to kate. Kate survived her operation but anna was dead. unfortunately, because of her greediness to her sister, she had to face this kind of consequences. Fitzgerald family was living their happy life with the memory of anna.



Maaño, Pauline R.


              The Sister’s Keeper’s story revolves around Anna’s point of view and struggle as her mom, Sara, wanted her to transfer her bone marrow to her sister, Kate, who was fighting leukemia. Anna eventually files a lawsuit regarding her mother for medical emancipation. She said that Kate herself told her not to transplant her bone marrow just because. In this scene, Sara’s children Jesse and Anna started to act out because of their single-minded mom towards their sibling, Kate.

It was all about this law case and they were always in court. There were chapters where it was all about the past and there were chapters where it was just how they cope at home and stuff, and every chapter it was from a different person’s perspective. It was from Anna’s perspective, Sara’s, Brian’s and back again.

It’s raining on decision day, and visibility is poor as the various parties make their way to the courthouse. Everyone agrees on one thing: The lawsuit isn’t about a kidney. It’s about Anna’s right to decide what happens to her body. Judge DeSalvo grants Anna’s request for medical emancipation, and Campbell assumes power of attorney for all of Anna’s medical decisions until her 18th birthday. Campbell and Anna leave in the lawyer’s car to complete the necessary paperwork.

Brian is on duty when he is called to the scene of an accident involving a truck and a small BMW. He threads his way through the wreckage. Too late, he realizes the small figure in the front seat is Anna. She’s dead. Campbell is injured but alive. He gives permission for Anna’s organs to be harvested, and Kate receives Anna’s kidney.

Eight years later, Kate is a dance instructor. Her doctor is baffled by her recovery. Jesse becomes a police officer. Campbell and Julia get married. Despite their continued grief, the Fitzgeralds move on with their lives, feeling that Anna is still with them because of all of her contributions to Kate’s life and health.

Even though Anna was gone, her contributions, her shares, her treasure, was all given to her sister, Kate. It was really a good story with such an upsetting ending. Maybe sometimes, something has to end in order for one to survive.

The Penderwicks


Mabunga Reginna Mariz


The Penderwicks, a family of six, four sisters, their father, and their dog, the mother died when the youngest was born.They get lost on the way to Arundel but find it and their rental cottage with the help of Harry the Tomato Man and Cagney, the estate gardener. They will be spending the next three weeks. There is a little boy living on the estate with his rich snobby mother, rich snobby mother’s boyfriend, and their cook/housekeeper. The girls make friends with the boy, they go on many adventures, and they help save him from his fate of being shipped off to military school. During these three weeks, the girls encounter amazing things as they go on a journey exploring not only the estate and the magnificent gardens within, but themselves, the people they’re surrounded by and also life itself. After they get to the mansion they meet the gardener, Cagney, who helps them find the cottage. They choose rooms in the bright, cheerful, colorful cottage. Skye groans at the mention of that, since Hound always chooses her last. Jane is chosen first, then Rosalind, then Batty, then finally Skye. As Skye waits downstairs, she thinks her sisters left her a dank and dark closet. When she finally goes upstairs, Skye is so shocked that her sisters had left her the biggest and most beautiful room of all. They meet Cagney, the gardener, Mrs. Tifton, the owner of the estate, and, eventually, her son Jeffrey. Mrs. Tifton intends to send Jeffrey to the military school where his grandfather went, but Jeffrey strongly resents the idea. He wants to go a school where he can study music exclusively, since he has some talent in that area. The Penderwick sisters manage to befriend the timid boy. Mrs. Tifton dislikes the girls, particularly Skye. Mrs. Tifton is dating a publisher named Dexter Dupree. Meanwhile, Rosalind is so impressed with Cagney that she bakes him desserts and buys him books and doesn’t look after Batty or Hound, who gets loose and chases after Cagney’s rabbits. However, he does not harm them. One night, Rosalind unintentionally spies on Cagney and his girlfriend, and has an embarrassing incident when she falls into the pond. Meanwhile, time is running out for Jeffrey. In the end it is Jane who convinces his mother to open up her heart to the wishes of her son. After that, the Penderwicks bid farewell to Cagney and the Tiftons and return home, but after all the trouble they get in to Batty, Jeffery,Skye and Jane, they are still best friends. They trust him and realize how much he has helped out and they have included him in their family traditions which must mean a lot to him. Jeffrey has shown his loyalty to the Penderwicks by helping getting the youngest Penderwick to safety in their time of need. A true friend is always willing to put others before themselves or stick up for others.



Marjorie Joyzz N. Mañacap


Penderwicks is about the vacation of the four sisters with their father. They went to a cottage in an estate called Arundel Hall located in Berkshire mountains. This vacation is anew adventure for their family. Batty who is four years old Rosalin is 12 Jane and Skye are ten and eleven. They are to young but they joined Hound Pederwick – something that was not revealed to the owner of the estate, Mrs Tifton. Mrs. Tifton who is a social climber who only wants to win the Garden Club Competition. But unfortunatley Penderwicks and her son will cause her to lose first place to a rival. Mrs. Tifton has one son, Jeffrey, who study music. Mrs. Tifton is determined to have Jeffrey attend a military school and follow in his grandfathers footsteps. That thought makes Jeffrey crunge. Mrs. Tifton isn’t thrillrd with the impact that the Penderwick sister are having on her son. Though usually quiet and respectful of his mother’s wishes, Jeffrey has stepped up to defend the girls against her and even openly defied her wishes in favor of helping the sisters.
Cagney is the gardener for Arundel Estate and is tasked with creating something so remarkable that Mrs. Tifton will win the Garden Club Competition. Housekeeper Mrs. Church is a woman of many talents. When Jeffrey befriends the Penderwick sisters, she encourages him to invite them to his birthday party. Since the affair is formal, Jeffrey thinks they will decline, but Churchie has an answer for that problem too. She takes the girls up to the attic and allows them to select a dress of their choice from the myriad of dresses outgrown by Mrs. Tifton as she grew up. Churchie reveals yet another talent when she offers to alter the dresses to fit each of the girls, including young Batty. Though the birthday dinner is a disaster, and referred to as the worst birthday ever by Jeffrey and the girls, the Penderwick girls have a definite influence on Jeffrey, encouraging him to talk to his mother and explain how he really feels.
As the Garden Club competition nears, Mrs. Tifton is increasingly anxious, and determined that this will be the year she wins. Rosalind lectures her sisters repeatedly to stay away from Arundel and its grounds on the day of the competition, but that sets the stage for misadventure. Deeply invested in a game of soccer, Skye, Jane and Jeffrey are giving everything they have when the ball winds up in the garden. The children follow in hot pursuit, mindless of where they are until they realize they are not alone. The Garden Club judge is amused and understanding but Mrs. Tifton is barely controlled as the girls head back to the cottage.
The sisters are worried about Jeffrey’s fate, and just when they decide to go and check on him, he shows up on their doorstep and tells them he is running away from home. He plans to go to Boston to finish school there and possibly attend the school of music there as well. The girls talk him into spending the night, and in the morning Mrs. Tifton shows up early looking for him. Jeffrey finally stands up to his mother and tells her what he really wants and she finally relents. By encouraging him, the Penderwick girls have helped to alter the course of Jeffrey’s life for the better. By the time their vacation is over, Mrs. Tifton is relieved to see that the ordeal is finally over, but the girls will miss their new friends, and promises to visit are made. That’s the story all about. Thak you!

The Penderwicks


Maaño, Pauline R.

ABM 11

                The Penderwicks’s sisters’ Batty, Rosalind, Jane, and Skye made a vacation at Arundel Hall together with their father. They are being joined into a competition that will lead them to change someone’s life. Jeffrey, the son of the owner of the estate, Mrs. Tifton, has become a friend to them. Jeffrey wants to learn and study music but her mother, Mrs. Tifton, disagree because she wants him to attend military training. Just like Jeffrey’s situation, each of us had this experienced where our parents aren’t in favor on our wants and decisions.

              Garden Club Competition is the most awaited competition in the said estate. Mrs. Tifton really wants to win, on the other hand, she doesn’t really win in this competition but she was absolutely determined that she would bring the bacon home this year. Considering Jane, Skye, and Jeffrey being at the competition also, Mrs. Tifton’s possibility to win is quite low.

              When the competition starts, judges were amazed on what the three kids had shown while Mrs. Tifton was furious and could hardly controlled.

                Later, Jeffrey decided to run away from home because he really wants to pursue his passion for music. The Penderwicks then talked to Jeffrey to settle this. When morning comes, Jeffrey finally has balls to stand up and talk to his mother about what he’s feeling and finally Mrs. Tifton relents.

                 Sometimes it always just took confidence, determination, and courage in order to make something better. It feels so good after confessing something that should really be confessed rather than to let yourself be heated over and over again over the same water.  The ending of the tory is when they would head back to their hometown but promised to make a visit at Arundel Hall again to reunite with the friends they made and bond with.

The Mockingjay


Mabunga, Reginna Mariz


The greatest challenge is when she keeping her compusure will be the hardest challenge because she just lost of all. The rose was left by President Snow. That’s his symbol, he leaves them everywhere. In District 13, the citizens are put on a strict schedule everyday printed on their forearm. On the schedule, it shows what that person needs to do. It shows the specific activity, and the time showed in 24-hour time. Certain activities that are scheduled every morning are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Other activities are the Command, where citizens of District 13 write down what they want changed or added to the schedule. The schedule also depends on the age. If you are a child or a teenager, you go to school where you study classes on history or other subjects. If you are old enough to work, you work in the kitchen, or the hospital. During the day, you are arranged a strict 30 minute down time with family. People are not allowed to have outside pets, as a precaution. Although in a deal established by Katniss Everdeen, she asked for permission for her younger sister, Primrose Everdeen, to keep the small tom cat named Buttercup she took care of in District 12. Buttercup is let outside to find food, but his comings and goings are strictly controlled. Katniss also requested special hunting time. President Coin accepted, but stipulated that she could only hunt within a strict 1/4-mile radius for a time span of two hours. She could only hunt with Gale Hawthorne, and use the game that they caught for the kitchen in District 13. Katniss went out hunting with Finnick Odair once. They each had a tracking device attached to their ankle, and if they returned late, their hunting privileges would be revoked.  I believe that Buttercup serves a purpose in the series as Katniss’s alter ego and points towards Katniss’s relationship with herself throughout the series.Katniss finds Buttercup in the house in Victors Village. Katniss’s relationship with Buttercup seems to have taken a step backwards.  She fights with Buttercup to take him to Prim. It’s clear that she strongly dislikes Buttercup but she brings him to District 13 for Prim’s sake. At this point Katniss has a strained relationship with everyone in her life except Prim including herself. She really only seems to tolerate herself for Prim’s sake. District 13 is one of the thirteen districts of Panem and was thought to have been destroyed by the capitol during the first rebellion, The Capitol claimed that the district was “uninhabitable”; during television broadcasts, the ruins of the district were shown to still be smoldering from the “chemical” bombs that were dropped on it. However, District 13 actually made a deal with the Capitol and left the official government of Panem. Katniss decided to become a mockingjay because she was out for revenge.  Katniss realizes early on that Coin has the potential to be a big adversary for her. Katniss has plenty of enemies and authority figures, but there’s something different about Coin, Coin’s remarks here also help Katniss make sense of the shocking reveal Snow made. Snow said Coin was primed to become a despotic ruler of Panem all along that she is used the rebels and the Capitol to tear each other down so she could move in and take control. Although initially appearing to fully support the rebellion, Katniss soon realized that Coin only wanted revenge on the Capitol and only cared about herself, and was just as bad as President Snow Katniss prep team from the games, Octavia, Venia, and Flavius—have all been treated poorly and beaten. She asks them what happened and Venia reveals that rebels from District 13 kidnapped them when Katniss escaped from the Quarter Quell. Plutarch tells them that it was Cinna’s idea to have the three taken away, but didn’t know that the three of them would be treated that badly.Katniss and Gale have their midday meal and goes out to hunt right after. They’re only given a limited time to be outside and have trackers put on their body so that the people After hunting, they start talking about the things that worry Katniss so much. Gale thinks it doesn’t make sense that Katniss has to worry about the prep team. They disagree and return underground. Katniss approaches President Coin directly and decides that she really has to persuade the president into accepting all of the terms she has listed. Coin announces to everyone in the meeting that Katniss is now the Mockingjay, the symbol of the revolution. She explains all of the terms and conditions about their agreements and reveals that if Katniss fails to follow their orders, the whole deal is off. Peeta is who Katniss chooses in Mockingjay. This is because, as Gale said, Katniss would choose the person she could not live without.

The Mockingjay

“Hall of fame”

Mañacap, Marjorie Joyzz N.


Katniss’s greatest challenge when she returns to see the ruins of her home is seeing all the dead bodies laying in the ash because of her. She blames herself for the bombing in district 12 because it was her arrow, aimed at the chink in the force field surrounding the area, that brought on this fire-storm of retribution. The meaning of the rose is that president snow promises revenge, that she is not going to get away with what she did. When she’s getting some herbs in their table a cat came up and she realize that the cat si butter cup she took buttercup vcause Buttercup is Prim’s cat and whenever Prim is down, Buttercup is the “cure” to her sadness.
Katniss took Buttercup to District 13 mainly for Prim. Katniss agreed to be the mockingjay because well, she realized she had influence, people started rioting because of her actions during the first hunger games (ie. district 10) and she was able to outsmart the game makers and President Snow. She was ultimately convinced by those of district 13 who saw her as the face of the rebellion, the ‘poster girl’ if you will.
The injustice and horror of the Hunger Games themselves (because let’s face it she’s experienced it twice) helped to influence her decision. The poverty and hunger in her district, Rue’s death, the death of fellow victor tributes, the fact that Snow would make it impossible for her and her family to be safe, Gale’s angry passion toward the Capitol pretty much all these factors influenced her decision. However, she did agreereluctantly to be the face and name of the rebellion. Katniss explains that the rebels have mostly been good to her—they’ve saved her life and helped her and her family. Katniss’s sister, Primrose, points out that Katniss has huge “bargaining power” with Coin and the other rebel leaders. Katniss should hold a public meeting with the leadership, she goes on, in order to ensure that they will keep their promises. Katniss does not trust Coin from the beginning – she and Coin do not think the same way. Coin is coldly strategic; while Katniss acts from the heart. Coin makes sure to assert her power over Katniss from her arrival in District 13 – she has Katniss’s prep team tortured over some bread, and she publicly labels Katniss a threat when announcing her as the Mockingjay.
Coin has no personal attachment to Katniss – she just sees her as a pawn to help win the rebellion. Predictably, then, Coin is ready to dispose of Katniss once the rebellion is over. Losing her sister nearly breaks Katniss, but Coin sets her off by suggesting holding a new Hunger Games. By igniting Katniss’s passion and protective tendencies, Coin becomes her unsuspecting target. Katniss’ imprisoned prep-team members — Flavius, Octavia, and Venia — are weak, dirty, and malnourished almost to the point of being unrecognizable. Venia explains that the night Katniss broke out of the arena, her prep team was taken from the Capitol. At Plutarch’s command, the guard releases the prep team, and Katniss takes them to her mother for healing. Propo” is probably short for “propaganda.”  The rebels in Mockingjay use propaganda such as video clips and special publications to spread the message of the rebellion.  These propos encourage other people in the districts to rise up against the government and demand change.  The propos are visible proof of the rebellion’s existence, and make it easier for the people of Panem to relate to the rebels.  The propos are the encouragement Panem needs in order to make change happen.  Otherwise, the rebels would have no support, resources, or power.  Unless the rebels are able to convince Panem to join them, they pose no threat to the tyrannical government.
As the Mockingjay, Katniss herself is a piece of propo because she gives the rebellion a face that people recognize and are eager to follow. From the beginning of the series, Katniss’s feelings about Peeta and Gale are complicated.  Ultimately, Katniss chooses Peeta because he is the only one who can understand what she has been through, and she does not like the side of Gale she saw in District 13Katniss had minor feelings for Peeta before the first Hunger Games, when he announced that he was in love with her and she played along in order to get sponsors.  When Peeta is held hostage by Snow, and tortured, Katniss becomes even more confused.  She realizes that he is still trying to communicate with her and save her, even though he has been brainwashed Gale is a kindred spirit, but their relationship is never really romantic in District 12.  They are platonic, sibling-like hunting partners.  However, Gale is a friend Katniss can trust.  Even in District 13, she is pleased that she has someone to tell her secrets, but does not want to think of romance, parly because “it’s just too cruel with Peeta in the hands of the Capitol” In fact, Katniss is humiliated when people suggest that she is in love with Gale and not Peeta.  Even though she continually tells herself it was an act, they went through a lot together.  There was a connection there.  In the fog of war in the first Hunger Games, she did fall for him a little. Katniss is aware that the Capitol is using Peeta as a pawn to control her.  This fact shows that she does love him.  Interestingly enough, Katniss admits to herself that she loves Peeta when she is afraid he will be killed in a terrible way because of her. When Gale designs sneaky weapons instead of hunting traps, Katniss decides that he has gone to a place she cannot follow. Ultimately, Katniss chooses Peeta because of what they have been through together.  They understand each other.  She appreciates his warmth.

The Mokingjay


Masaoy,Mary lyca antoneth G,
abm 11

The greatest challenge for katnis when she come back to the ruin house is how she will get the justice for the people who was kill by capitol. she keep repeating about herself because it is her way to pursue for self to do what she need to do and also motivation. she get butter cup because her sister request to get her cat. buttercup is a cat of prim ever seen. She was totally shock because she think there is no survivor in district 13 cause capitol bom it. The things that influences her decision to become a mocking jay is the people around her. Katnis ask for the conditions because she think first that district 13 was using popularity. Katnis was disgust to the attitude of president alma coin. They distrust each other because it is the first time they met each other. Coin trash the conditions of katnis cause she think it is too risky. They have different reaction because katniss was so sad and gale was no reaction. katniss react that way because she know those person whilegale is not familiar. Pre-team was the protectors of the film team was basically thay take video for district 13 propaganda. katniss make sure that she always capture the attention of the people of panem. Haymitch said that cause she think that she was weak and no power stand her side. Basically it is kind of medium to express thoughts and transfer information. In panem they use television show to show there propaganda and agendas. Plutarch cover up katniss and gale in subornation because he think it will not help to there plans. The affect to people of panem was a mass revolution and to fight for there liberty. The hanging tree has relevant in the story because in America the hanging tree was a song for revolution and sacrifices. In the movie the hanging tree was played 3 times. The change in relationship between katniss and gale was typical because katniss was only had a crush on gale but not inlove. In the first book of prim was afraid but in the third book her character was change because she was volunteer to help in assisting the victim of the capitol and it is not easy for a child that lies in revolutionary country. Revels decide to rescue peeta because it is include in katniss demands. The hijacking was so unique because it is not normal to hear and to know the process and peeta was has a strong feeling to kill katniss. The pearl she keep was the symbol of peetas love for katniss. Petta get it to katniss when they were in the quarter quell.


It is justified. katniss have a hard time to accept gales idea because she think it is dangerous. The text said that she was tire to be a slave by the people who manifulate and put there life in game. The advantages in having peeta in katniss squad is he can help because peeta is a strong man and the disadvantages in having peeta in katniss squad is any time peeta can do messy thing because he was an influence of tracker jacker venom. Its is a revel because not all people in plaza was involve in the battle. Im so sad because most of the people in plaza was a children and they are innocent. To confront president snow and to know the truth about the boming in plaza if it is his order.snow tell the truth. katniss vote to have another hunger games to justify the death of her sister. She sense a sabotation between the alliance. Katniss assinate coin to get revenge of death of her sister. Katniss escaped after she assinate coin in the way two security official and she force to go some room. I think katniss choose peeta rather than gale because peeta was more matured to handle a relationship and katniss that she love peeta.

The Mockingjay

The Victory of Fate

Maaño, Pauline R.


               Katniss go back to District 12, her sweet home before all these happened. After being rescued from the Quarter Quell arena, Katniss has been living in District 13, the District all of Panem, thought had been decimated, but was actually home to the Capitol’s secret nuclear development program. District 13 was later leveraged the nuclear arsenal to threaten the Capitol and gain autonomy.

               Katniss, her mother, Gale, and Prim are living in District 13’s vast underground separated from Coin. Katniss does not quite trust Coin yet. The said District just watched other districts suffer from President Snow. Coin needed Katniss, the Mockingjay, to be the symbol of the rebellion and rally the other Districts’ support. Katniss said that she will only agree if Coin follows her which has been immediately accepted by Coin. Coin added that if Katniss deviates from the mission, “it will be viewed a break in the agreement.”

               As a mockingjay, Katniss was ordered to create a film named “propos” – televised calls for resistance. Fulvia  tries to put Katniss on a stage to perform scripted lines, but she fails so badly that it makes everyone laugh. Everyone soon agrees that Katniss is at her best when she is natural.

               Katniss also visits a hospital in distrct 8 wherein she met Commander Paylor. Katniss’s production team Cressida,Messalla, Castor, and Pollux film her meeting the patients. Katniss has been an ispiration there for them to keep going. While Katniss is there, the Capitol attacks District 8, including the hospital. Katniss, riled up, is performs passionately for the camera, announcing to the Capitol: “If we burn you, you burn with us!” As a result of Katniss’s statement, the Capitol televises Peeta begging her to call for a ceasefire. During the broadcast, he alerts District 13 of an imminent attack and is severely beaten. However, his warning helps the rebels quickly call for a lockdown, weathering the three-day attack without any casualties. Katniss feels so guilty about Peeta’s circumstances that she can no longer fulfill her duties as Mockingjay.

               Rebels decide to mount a mission to rescue Peeta (and Annie). Meanwhile, Katniss and Finnick film new propos in which Finnick reveals all the secrets he knows about prominent Capitol citizens.

             The rescue is successful and Peeta, Annie Cresta, andJohanna Mason all return to District 13. Katniss is overjoyed to see Peeta, but his first reaction to her presence is an attempt to strangle her. She finds out that the Capitol has “hijacked” Peeta; he is now programmed to think that Katniss is his mortal enemy. Meanwhile, Katniss is needed in District 2, which is the only holdout in the uprising. In order to gain control over 2, the rebels must ruin “the Nut,” the mountain in which the Capitol keeps all its weaponry. Gale comes up with the ruthless idea to create avalanches but it will just make the situation worse.

               President Coin supports Gale’s plan, and refused Katniss’s. However, Gale’s plan succeeded. Katniss, though shaken, must use this opportunity to demand the Capitol step down since it’s clear they are losing ground. However, while she is filming, two trains full of survivors come careening out of the Nut, many of them armed. Katniss was too tired and cannot take it anymore. She tried to negotiate with district 2 and she was also being shot in the process.

               Back in District 13, Peeta has become calmer but still addresses Katniss in a hostile tone. The loyal Peeta can now see the imperfections and flaws of Katniss. Meanwhile, Finnick and Annie get married. After the rebels have had time to regroup, they start to prepare for the final battle: taking down the Capitol.

               Katniss was grouped to Squad 451 (a group of Sharpshooters led by Boggs). Together with Gale, they disappointed to find out that Squad 451 will be the “Star Squad,” or the public face of the rebellion. They won’t be active in battle but of course, they are always ready to fight whenever something happens.

               Suddenly, Katniss realizes that Coin wants her dead. The Star Squad faces tragedy again while filming a complex fake battle sequence – Boggs triggers a pod that blows off his legs. Another pod unleashes a wave of toxic black gel, and yet another kills Soldier Mitchell. Before Boggs dies, he transfers his Holo to Katniss and tells her not to go back to District 13.

              Squad 451 moves forward through the Capitol with Katniss in the lead. A televised Capitol broadcast said that the member of Katniss’s group, whick is the Squad 451 are all dead. After watching himself nearly kill Katniss on television, Peeta decides that he should die, and only Katniss can talk him into continuing. Pollux leads them into the maintenance shafts below the Capitol. Only Pollux, Gale, Cressida, Peeta, and Katniss manage to escape alive. Cressida leads them into a grimy store selling fur underwear run by Tigris, there was also a Hunger Games stylist sympathizer.  Tigris offers Squad 451 refuge in her hidden basement.

             The next day, most of the Capitol citizens have been evacuated. Upon hearing that the more fortunate Capitol homes (even President Snow’s) are taking in refugees, Katniss decides to refocus on her mission to kill Snow. Tigris disguises the rebels and they take off – Cressida and Pollux are the guides, Katniss and Gale are the refugees looking for shelter, and Peeta is there to create a distraction if needed. They are quickly separated and Katniss reaches Snow’s mansion alone. She saw children gathered at her lawn to become her actual shield. And the bombing happened.  Just as the rebel medics (including Prim) rush in to help, the bombs explode again. Prim is killed and Katniss is badly burned.

            At the Capitol hosptital, Katniss awaken from her hospital bed, the rebels have won the war and Coin rules over Panem. When wandering around the President’s mansion in a daze, Katniss comes upon the fallen President Snow, chained and dying in a a room full of roses.He tells her that Coin planned everything even to kill Prim. While Katniss and Snow were focused on destroying each other, Coin managed to manipulate them both and take over Panem without compromising District 13.

              During the victory ceremony, Katniss fires her ceremonial arrow into Coin, even though Snow is standing right next to her.Haymitch tells her that her trial is over – Plutarch and Dr. Aurelius argued that Katniss acted out of insanity, securing her freedom. She’s now free to go home to District 12. Commander Paylor is now president. Back in District 12, Katniss struggled to put herself back together. Gale gets a fancy job in District 2, and Katniss’s mother is starting a hospital in District 4. Soon, Peeta returns to District 12 and he and Katniss grow back together. And they lived happily ever after!